Project Descriptions

Talkha Flyover Bridge on Nile

Its total length is 7.70 km , 21 m width ( 2 lanes {each lane 7.5 m width } & side walk 2.5 m width and median of 1 m width) Total lengths of the Concrete Parts in the project are 3027.3 m/L consists of the following :• The Upper Bridge at Rafed Jamasa with total length 4.40 m/L.• The Railway Upper Bridge (west Damietta road – Al mansoura) with total length 1095 m/L.• Upper Bridge on the Nile with length 630 m/L.• Upper Bridge at El mansouryia with length 897.3 m/L.

Project Details

Client :General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport
Activity :Roads & Bridges
Location :Talkha , Mansoura Governorate
Started in :Feb. ,2009