Project Descriptions

Execution of the Intake and raw water pipe lines for Design & execute the Potable water treatment plant - First Stage , new Qena city – Qena Governorate, with capacity of 23500 m3/day.

1- Design & execute the first stage of the potable water treatment plant with capacity of 23500 m3 / day. (2 clarifiers , 6 filters , 20000 m3 ground tank). 2- execute the raw water force main line from the intake to the treatment plant with dia. 700 mm , length 17 km. 3- Design & execute the intake. 4- Under crossing.

Project Details

Client :The National Org. for potable water & Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location :New Qena city , Qena Governorate
Started in :May, 2009