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Project Descriptions

Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant project, at Dairott, Assiut Governorate

Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant project, at Dairott incluing Gravity Mainlines , Pumping Stations ,Force mainlines , Purification Plant ,Civil works for Oxidation Ponds and valves Chambers . The project contains the following: - Force main pipelines of length 24000 m.L, with pipes of diameter 1500 mm (prestressed concrete) - Force main lines of lengths 2000 m.L, & diameters 300 to 700 mm ( G.R.P & Prestresses concrete). - Gravity sewer of length 65000 m.L., of vitrified pipes of diameters 7” to 56” . - 4 pump stations, including the civil electromechanical works & with sumps of diameter 8,8,14,16 m respectively. - Oxidation ponds plant system of capacity 10000 m3/day. - Major quantities: Excavation 1000000 m3. ,P.V.C. Lining 600000 m2 , Concrete 70000 m3.

Project Details

Client :The National Org. for potable water & Sanitary Drainage
Activity :Utilities
Location :Dairott, Assiut Governorate
Finished in :Aug., 2013